DOT Drug Testing and Safety Solutions For Truckers

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set very strict regulation for the safety of all the trucking drivers and its compulsory that you should meet their standards. There are so many requirements to be consider, from audit support to dot drug testing, it can be difficult to keep the track. JST Truck Permits can make things easy for you. Our experienced staff will help you meet all the standards of FMCSA.

Ensuring Truckers Safety

image The role of FMCSA is to keep all employees and business safe from any mishappening. Therefore, it become necessary to keep all the paper work ready for anytime audit, so that you can meet or exceed your safety goals without wasting much of your valuable time.
JST Truck Permits have years of experience in providing audit support to the transport carriers. Our wide experience and unique solutions allow us to meet and exceed the safety standards.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

The most essential requirement in transportation is to ensure a drug-free workplace. Its necessary that companies must take strict steps to ensure the safety of all the employees by screening them for drug use also for alcohol abuse. JST Truck Permits can help you ensure a drug and alcohol-free workplace to meet your safety goals.
According to DOT regulations, companies must ensure drug and alcohol screening of the employees. The crucial conditions when screening is required:
  • • Pre-employment drug screening
  • • Random drug screening
  • • Post-accident testing

This is to ensure the safety of the employees against any abusing substance or alcohol use.
JST Truck Permits offers has s specialized lab where we run urine tests, breath testing to meet your company’s needs.
CDL drivers who operates motor carrier vehicles are considered as safety sensitive employees, they must complete drug and alcohol testing program to meet FMCSA regulations.
JST Truck Permits safety service will review all the necessary points that are required to make you ready for the DOT audit. After identifying the concerns, we will provide you the complete details about the necessary changes you need to make for the compliance.
We take the safety very seriously that why we again audit to check if any point left or everything is in compliance with FMCSA regulations. We will continue our work until all the aspects are implemented carefully.