Thousands of FMCSA authorized companies utilize online training on drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion supervisor training.
Under 49 CFR 382.603, supervisors need a training of 60 minutes on indications of alcohol abuse and 60 minutes training on the indications of controlled substances.
This regulation is mandatory for the company employees who are assigned to supervise drives. Also note that under §382.603, supervisors required DOT supervisor training if the company operates CDL vehicles on the public roads and have more than one employee in the company.

Why should you avoid offline training?

The best way to go for training is online rather than offline because it is pocket friendly and easily coordinated with the employee’s schedules. Training through DVD videos is an outdated and poorly produced. At present every employee have cell phones and instead of engaging in old fashioned videos, they love to surf their mobile phones. The training course could only be productive if the supervisor could give some response after the training is over that may be in form of MCQ round to ensure they understand the important concepts as discussed. That is why JST TRUCK PERMITS is the best in providing supervisor training for reasonable suspicion.


  • • We ensure DOT compliance for 60/60 drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion training. Training records are stored and certificates are provided.
  • • Our course material will be is up-to-dated
  • • One can access it with any device, anywhere at any anytime.
  • • Easy to understand
  • • At the end there is question answer round after every module to ensure the concept is cleared.
After taking the DOT supervisor training provided by JST Trucking Permits, supervisors will understand their role, as they are one who can make their workplace free from illegal activities. Supervisors will understand when and how to induct reasonable suspicion testing and why it is required.

Who and how often does DOT supervisor training required?

Every supervisor covered under DOT – FMCSA, who is responsible for reasonable suspicion training on drug and alcohol needs to undergo this training.
According to DOT every supervisor must be re-educated in an interval of two years for best practices.

Why pre-audit program with JST Truck Permits?

Once you got notice that DOT going to audit your company, you must ready all the documents that will prove USDOT that your company is following all the safety protocols as required. JST Truck Permits will run compliance analysis and for that you will get all the documentation and technical support.
In case, if you are not expecting any audit, doesn’t mean that DOT won’t audit your company. DOT-FMCSA conducts thousands of audits each year, and who knows you may be the next. So, it’s better to stay ready for future audits.